Health and Beauty Spells

We all want to look and feel our best. Your beauty within can be set free with this special range of Obeah Spells.

These Spells work by looking inside you at the qualities of your soul. Seeing beauty, grace and kindness within, they reflect this to those around you. These Spells will make sure that the most pleasing aspects of you are displayed to those around you. Your charm and beauty will radiate from you, aided and nurtured by the positive energies that Obeah itself is born of.

These Spells are available for more particular needs, or to generally help you look and feel better. Mother Ammaline is always happy to let people feel their best, and so are the spirits. The positivity of beauty within becoming beauty without is a natural balancing that Obeah is perfect for.

Let these Spells make sure you glow with all the radiance you possess. You won’t believe the difference this Spell makes in how you look and feel

Obeah Spells

Weight Loss Spell

A very popular spell that often is in high demand from me - this spell will have quickly visible effects when combined with a certain amount of willpower and control.


More Attractive Than Ever

The spell can be used to target specific periods or events, making you look your absolute best for these, or can be spread out over a longer period. The difference in people's attitudes towards you will be markedly different!


Healing Wind Spell

The Healing Wind Spell is a highly effective spell that can aid when suffering from all manners of sickness or injury. Few healing spells are as complete and effective as this one.


Addiction Blaster Spell

The Addiction Blaster is as a potent way to break a certain pattern of behavior. From overspending, gambling to substance addiction, we can tailor the spell to break even the most stubborn of habits. Obeah can help break the chains of addiction.