Success and Legal Spells

Your path to success can be hard and full of obstacles

Let my powers and these ancient Obeah success spells help you on your way to success in life. Career and business problems can sometimes seem overwhelming, but these spells are specially designed to free you to move on up. They will quickly remove obstacles that hinder your progress, or remove issues that are holding you down. Specially formulated for your particular issue - these spells will get the job done!

Obeah Spells

Master Success Spell

Let my Obeah Master Success Spell bring together these elements of success in a powerful spell to give you the upper hand. Find the success in your life with a casting of this Master Obeah Spell.


Breaking Barriers Spell

This spell harnesses the power of Obeah to break through the next level, and free you of your unhappy situation. Breaking Barriers Spell will help to create a new energy around you.


Career Booster Spell

Sometimes, it can be right on impossible to advance! But this spell can make all the difference. Working on a similar principle to my popular luck spells, this a strong Obeah charm that focusses on improving your work life.


Job Hunter Spell

You have the desire and the motivation - so why not be given a chance? This Obeah spell works to give you an aura of desirability that employers will find impossible to resist. Give yourself a leg up and seize the opportunities you deserve.


Jumping Legal Hurdles

Whether you are already involved in a legal situation, or you wish to speedily complete a legal matter quickly, this spell can come to your aid. Help yourself through a sticky situation with the Jumping Legal Hurdles Spell.


Justice Served Spell

This ancient Obeah spell ensures the equilibrium is right, and makes sure that Justice is served. By balancing the energies surrounding a particular event, this spell makes it clear who is in the right, and who is in the wrong.


Postive Influence Spell

This special Obeah spell centres an aura of positive energy on you, allowing you radiate good luck and fortune to your friends, families and colleagues. A surefire way to increase your popularity, as well as help those around you