Obeah Spells

They call me Mother Ammaline.

In my time, I have been called many things. Some have called me a witch. Some people have called me a magical woman. Others have said I am a miracle worker.

Me? I prefer to just think of myself as a helper. I am someone who is skilled in the art of Obeah Spells and dedicated to sharing their power with those in need.

I have been casting Obeah Spells and practicing magic for almost three decades. I was raised and lived my whole life in Trinidad, one of the great Caribbean hotspots for Obeah magic. I have been surrounded and steeped in Obeah culture for my entire life. My introduction to this ancient art came through mother, who was taught by her mother before her. This is our magical art, our tradition, and our gift to the world and you.

I have decided to offer my Obeah spells online because my children and my friends think I can help more people this way. They're helping me to keep the site going, and I hope to share my skills and help people far and wide.

Obeah Love Spells

This is a special collection, and some of my most powerful spells. They have the power to unite you with the person whom you most desire, to bring back a partner or lover, to restore passion, or even to intervene in affairs of the heart and protect your love!


Obeah Protection Spells

Obeah Protection Spells can offer a way a safe path through such bad luck, keeping you, and your loved ones, safe and sound in the face of a violent and uncaring world. Do not let yourself become a victim! Safeguard yourself with these strong spells.


Obeah Luck Spells

Obeah magick can be a fantastic way to find your best path through life. I can call upon the good spirits to examine your life,identify upcoming issues and intercede on your behalf. Used correctly, this can be used to ensure good fortune flows your way.


Health & Beauty Spells

The power of Obeah can magnify your inner beauty - helping you appear wonderfully attractive and alluring to those around you. There's no limit to the heights you can reach with these powerful Spells.


Obeah Success Spells

Finding the right path to your goals can be difficult. These Spells will strengthen your resolve and bring good fortune as you move onwards and upwards, banishing negative energies that are holding you back.


Obeah Other Spells

The power of Obeah can be used in countless ways. If you need help, specially crafted Custom Spells are always possible once you consult with me. The Custom spell is available for you - so let me tailor something unique to free you from your troubles.


How it works

When you have ordered the spell you want me to cast, you don't have to pay beforehand. This is the trust I have in Obeah. The spell will soon start to take effect and you can pay me then. My main concern is helping people, but you will soon see the power of my Obeah spells.

For example, if you ask me for a love spell, it will be done. If your wish is a money spell or a luck spell, it will be done. Breakup spell or come back to me spell? Done. Even here in my home, people ask me - how do I know that this will work? I say to them, just wait and see the effects. They return and tell me they are impressed. I have had people return for many many years.

I will be happy to cast any Obeah spell for you, once you choose what you need. Simply pay a $1 deposit, and pay the balance once you start seeing results.

Love spells, spells for luck, spells for protection and for good health are some of those I've been doing for almost 28 years - but there is almost no limit for what Obeah can do. Remember, you can choose your spell, and see the results start to happen before you pay.

Let me and the powers of Obeah help you. This is an ancient power - and yours to use!